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In Our Courts • 2019 rpg finalist

Alex L •

Inner city kids are drawn into a basketball game against demons and play for their futures. Divide the players into Kids and Demons. Give each Kid a name and talent, each Demon a vice. First team to 21 points (pts) wins.

Play starts with a Demon having the ball. They place a Kid in a bad, pressuring situation then passes the ball to the Kid. They describe how they try to overcome the situation. The Kid then decides to Shoot or Pass.

Shoot: Take a shot from the free throw line.
>>>Success: Kids score 2pts
>>>Miss: Demons score 2pts

Pass: Pass the ball to another Kid, who describes how they help. They then Shoot. Successes and Misses now score 3pts.

Demons may choose to Foul a Kid before they Shoot by describing a late complication. If so, a Demon gains a Flagrant and the Kids must now shoot from the 3 point line. 3 point line Successes score 1pt extra while Misses score no points. A Demon with two Flagrants is banished from the game.

No court or b-ball skill? Use a recycling bin, paper ball, and mark your own free throw and 3 point lines.

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