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My Red Goddess • 2019 rpg

Daniele Di Rubbo •

! Content Warning: noir stereotypes, violence, romantic relationships !

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Two players, poker deck, index cards. Everyone gets the cards between brackets.

  * Her: femme fatale (Q Hearts, A Hearts, A Diamonds);
  * Him: detective (J Spades, A Clubs, A Spades).


  * Her: in velvet and roses;
  * Him: in smoke and grey.

She sets the scene and hires him to find something important, personal, and stolen.

In conflicts the last word is:

  * Hers: mind and heart;
  * His: body and violence.

Before every scene, she deals one red and one black card face down, then writes and hides an index card under each:

  * Red: a secret about her;
  * Black: a clue about the case.

  He taps one, she sets the scene. He plays the detective, she plays other characters. She reveals the secret or clue he tapped.

Play scenes until three secrets or three clues are revealed. She sets a scene in which they confront each other.

She gives him her Aces, he gives her his Aces. Both play one.

  * A Hearts, A Spades: she loves but kills him;
  * A Hearts, A Clubs: they love each other, but cannot stay together;
  * A Diamonds, A Spades: he gets paid, she'll never love again;
  * A Diamonds, A Clubs: he gets paid, she's framed by justice.

Author Comments

Thanks to Edoardo Cremaschi, Giovanni Micolucci, and Francesco Zani, for the remarks on the text; to Chiara Locatelli’s precious help with the English form; to Oscar Biffi, for having pushed me, and for the advice on which version to submit (which, however, I didn’t listen too – sorry, Oscar); to Vincenzo Lamberti, Michele Scaglioni, and Damiano Tomasi, for playtesting the extended Italian version.

My inspirations were Raymond Chandler’s narrative, Frank Miller’s Sin City comic books (and the two films made from them), Jonas Ferry’s One Can Have Her, and Joshua Fox and Becky Annison’s Lovecraftesque.

Sooner or later, you’ll be able to follow how I’m going to develop this game (in Italian, before) on

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