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The Defeated • 2019 rpg finalist

Ninjaiguana • no link

They wanted to reshape the world. You stood against them as heroes to preserve your people. You failed. They won. Where do you go from here?

Describe who you were before the End.
Explain how you failed at the critical moment.
Contemplate what you seek in the ashes.

Take a deck of playing cards. Deal each person a hand of (2 x number of players). Place the rest of the deck in the middle of the table.

To begin, a player reveals the top card of the deck.

Hearts = A scene of emotional connection
Diamonds = A scene of future possibility
Clubs = A scene of confrontation
Spades = A flashback to the conflict

Along with the other players, enact your scene. At the climactic moment, all players play a single card from their hand. Black = failure. Red = success. Current player break ties. Describe the ending accordingly and note the result. Play passes clockwise.

Once players have no cards left, the game is over. Count your scene results; if more successes, you have found a new purpose. If more failures, you have been broken by the past. If equal, you remain in torment. One by one, narrate your epilogue.

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