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Sustenance and Sustainability • 2019 rpg finalist

Aaron Melocik •

It is the zombie apocalypse. You are vampires.

You govern a community of survivors, giving them strength and security at night.

They struggle against isolation, poverty, and violence, giving you sustenance and protection during daylight. 

Each community member must eventually and inevitably die, and toil until then. In this way, little has changed.

You struggle to survive a world where your source of life hunts itself to extinction.

They are rebuilding. Your apocalypse is now.

\/\/  \/\/  \/\/  \/\/  \/\/  \/\/  \/\/  \/\/  \/\/  \/\/

Provide details for each:

Your political opponent is:
- influential or relentless.

Your flaws are:
- within or around you.
- haunting or dooming you.

Your powers are:
- dangerous or hidden.
- costly or terrifying.

You community motivations are:
- progressive or personal.
- sustainable or obsessive.

\/\/  \/\/  \/\/  \/\/  \/\/  \/\/  \/\/  \/\/  \/\/  \/\/

For all vampires:
- Human blood strengthens you.
- Zombie blood zombifies you.
- Sunlight, stakes, and beheadings kill you.

\/\/  \/\/  \/\/  \/\/  \/\/  \/\/  \/\/  \/\/  \/\/  \/\/

In each scene, someone is the Storyteller. The remainder play vampires.

The Storyteller describes conflicts. The vampires describe their attempts to survive.

When the outcome of an action is uncertain, the player measures their pulse in BPM (ProTip: use an app). Take the ones digit. Low numbers produce setbacks. High numbers produce opportunities.

The Storyteller begins play with: "The sun sets. An emergency meeting is called."

Author Comments

Thanks to Jef and Jon from the System Mastery podcast ( for the initial inspiration for this setting. Your random jokes make me laugh, and, in this game, apparently keep people alive in the Zombie Apocalypse.

I dedicate this to my little sister Becky, who is always game to design, play, and have fun. Love you, Bex!

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