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Rendezvous • 2019 rpg finalist

Kaelan Doyle-Myerscough and Andrew Tran •

! Content Warning: Heartache/emotionally heavy !

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To be played by two people, apart, who miss each other.
You once shared intimacy but haven't met in some time. Roll or decide:

How you were: quiet, desperate, transactional, awkward, cozy
Why you parted: growth, necessity, ambition, accident, death
What you can't talk about: loss, family, transition, betrayal, future
Where you meet now: the usual café; the agreed-upon rendezvous point; the beach at night; the backyard of a house owned by one of you; a faraway airport 

Take turns describing something around you. What is it? What does it look, sound, feel like? How did it get here? Why does it catch your eye?

When something is described to you, it prompts you to (choose one):

Segue into a compliment
Describe a shared memory
Say something once left unsaid
Suggest something to do together
Close the distance between you
Avoid an unpleasant topic 

Once you choose, neither of you can react this way again. Now, you describe something. Repeat.

When all reactions are exhausted, decide privately whether you want to leave together or separately. Reveal your decisions. If you agree, describe the weight that has left your shoulders. If you disagree, describe who leaves and how.

Author Comments

We designed Rendezvous as a two-player oneshot for people separated by distance, having found ourselves in that exact situation and without very many games to play. Thank you to Rosalind Chapman for advice!

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