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The Truth about Jevallik: A Game for Two • 2019 rpg finalist

Jonathan G Cook • no link

Servant's Rules

You're a recent convert to Jevallik's Servants.

Love motivates you to share the truth door-to-door despite the controversies. You had a scary experience at the last door. What happened?

Knock to begin. Introduce yourself, your mission, and the peace of Jevallik.

Whenever they make an objection, the objection is partly true. Choose one to begin your response, each exactly once:

-Well, what the scriptures say is:
-That bothered me at first. Think of it this way:
-The media has exaggerated this a bit. Here's the truth:
-Jevallik's servants are imperfect too, but here's what I think:
-I don't believe that, but here's what I do believe:

Convince them to hear more about the Truth.


The Unconverted's Rules

You're at home when a crazy Jevallik's Servant knocks on the door. What were you doing? 

Something about them makes you think you can help them start to break free.

After they introduce themselves, make an objection and let the Servant answer. Make five objections, either about:

-Something controversial their organization did 
-A bizarre belief you heard about

Whatever you say is true, but listen politely to the Servant's answer. Be gentle.

Convince the Servant to share their doubts.

Author Comments

I was raised Jehovah’s Witness. I have a good game in me about it, I think. This isn’t it, but maybe it’s a place to start.

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