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You Had a Time Machine • 2019 rpg finalist

Michael Blatherwick •

You were all there at the end, and you were so close to stopping everything going wrong. You'd worked so much out, found so many answers. And still you failed.

But you had a time machine.

You're there again. It's near the end now, but there's some time left. Maybe hours, maybe days? You're not future you, who travelled through time: they can't come here now. They went back, way back. Got jobs, produced art, created products: left you clues. You don't have their memories, but if you can find their hints, you just might be able to fix things this time.

When faced with a decision to make, everyone looks at the objects around them: books, DVDs, packets of food. Each person picks something. Reads the words on it, looks at the pictures, examines its form. Future you knew what you'd pick, so it must be right.

Find the meaning in it.

Someone tells the others what they've found and gives two courses of action that it suggests to them. Simultaneously vote on the actions. If it's split, take the more popular action. If it's unanimous, take that action but the outcome will be bad.

Fix it this time.

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