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Animals Are People Too • 2019 rpg

Charlie Fleming •

Animals Are People Too

You are animals.
You are constantly being mistake for human.
You are forced to live Human lives.
Deal with it.

Give yourself a name, 4 descriptive words about you, a human desire, and your living situations.

For any contest or check consult the table below.

Result rolled:
1 - You're screwed.
2 - It's better than you expected.
3 - Everything's not fine
4 - Everything's fine*
5  - It's worse that you  expected.
6  - You're golden.

What it means:
Everything's fine - It worked the way you wanted it.
Everything's not fine -  It didn't work the way you wanted it.
It's better than you expected - It worked the way you wanted it but better.
It's worse than you expected - It didn't work and may have consequences.
You're golden - It worked out amazingly great!
You're screwed - It failed down right disastrously.

Did someone realize you're an animal when you rolled a 1?

1 - Yes						
2-6 - No			          

Game Master:
Put them in everyday Human situations.
Give them an adversary, or multiple, maybe.
Script a sitcom.

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