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The Heffalumps Graveyard • 2019 rpg finalist

Coman Fullard • @comanfullard

You play characters near the end of childhood, whose spirits journey through the land of dreams accompanying your corporeal toy companion to its final resting place in the fabled Heffalumps Graveyard, while avoiding the clutches of the villainous China Doll, the spare-part pirate. 

Gain access to the graveyard by getting past the guardian, a giant black dog, Mr Sausages. He talks with a refined accent and only lets the worthiest toys in. Lay your toy to rest & mature, or refuse and stay young forever.

Each player describes a treasured toy and names it. The group agrees which two skills the toy confers. For example:

Teddy: Grapple, forage
Action man: eagle eyes, opposable thumbs
Evil Kneivel: drive, jump
Robot: Logic, strength
My Little Pony: ride, kick
Dolly: etiquette, charm
Stretch Armstrong: reach, resist wounds

For any challenge the players roll 1D6 and an additional 1D6 for each applicable skill. Use the best roll as the result
Fail: 1 - 3
Success: 4 - 6

Sample encounters:
Buckaroo's rodeo challenge
Kerplunk - the marble tsunami
The snakes and the ladders
Sand pit dunes
Plastic dinosaur stampede
Beanie baby jungle
Hungry hungry Hippos
Meccanno bridge
Tamagotchi menagerie with  transformer zookeeper
Skeletors Bouncy Castle

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