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A Game To Play When You Feel Hopeless • 2017 rpg

Sam Wrong • https://xamaxific.itch.io/

Some paper, pen. 
A trusted & supportive person to be your GUIDE.

Share feelings and emotions HONESTLY to your GUIDE.
Your GUIDE is blind but they see the most clearly. You must show them everything through drawing and/or writing them down.

You are an ADVENTURER about to enter a dungeon where no other person has ever ventured into before. 

Prepare yourself and visualize the room you enter into.

Imagine one of your worst fears, failures as a DEMON and place it in the room. Prepare to engage.

DEMON attacks first with negative thoughts. Focus on each of them and write them down directly. Do not try to justify them.

Next you must relay the thoughts to your GUIDE. Talk with them and process the attacks together. You might feel uncomfortable, angry, and embarrassed. Try to explain why you feel those emotions.

When you feel stronger, face the DEMON again. If the attacks do not feel as intense then you have pacified it for now. Otherwise, repeat from 5.

Venture into the next room and repeat from 2.

You can exit the dungeon anytime you like. But when you reenter you must begin from the first room.

Author Comments

If you are feeling REALLY down, depressed, and hopeless and can’t find someone to play this with I implore you to call a hotline that would listen to you without judgement. It will help.

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