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Dragon Tag • 2017 rpg

Ty Oden • no link

In this LARP players are unimpressive dragons who are aggressively hording minor objects.

1). Each player chooses a color of dragon and makes a note of it.
2). Each player spreads out in the general area of play, chooses a secretive spot for their horde, and places a note there with their dragon color.
3). Play starts when all players have chosen their horde locations and have met back up.
4). During the game, players will scatter throughout the area, finding things to add to their horde. 
5). If a player is carrying something in their hands and gets tagged by another player, they must drop that thing unless it matches their dragon’s color.
6). If a player finds another player’s horde he can steal any items from it that match his color and do not match the color of the person who owns the horde.
7). After 10/15/20 minutes of play the timekeeper will call time and the game will end. Each player will bring their horde back to the starting area (or direct everyone to their horde, if necessary) and the player with the coolest horde, as determined by the other players, wins.

Author Comments

Will likely be expanded a bit to use as part of an upcoming Microgame compilation.

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