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Talking Sticks • 2017 rpg

Matt Thrower • www.fortressat.com

Every tree, every twig has a story, but no voice. This is a game about telling stories on their behalf.

Two or more players go into the woods and look for sticks. They must stay within earshot of each other. 

First one found becomes the talking stick. Its finder starts to talk about the stick. They describe who they are and what their stick is: wand, cudgel, primitive tool. Anything you could fashion from wood, enchanted (or not) in any way they desire. Then they tell a story about what their character is doing with their stick.

Anyone who finds a stick they think is longer than the talking stick can challenge it. They describe their character and say what their stick is. Then, they compare sticks. Longest stick wins and becomes the talking stick. Its owner describes how the challenge played out and continues the story.

Players may act out any part of the story, if they wish, using the sticks as props.

Once all players have had a talking stick, the current talker may end the story if they can think of a conclusion. Otherwise, continue until the the sticks or the stories run out.

Author Comments

I invented this one day while walking with my family in the woods. Sticks became bows, staves, harps and magic spoons. I never knew my children had such incredible stories in them. Neither did they.

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