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Meta Game: Universal RPG Supplement • 2017 rpg

Wyrdsmith •

To be used with any RPG:

Exploits: To use an exploit, declare it, pay its cost, and roll a d12. You successfully use the exploit if you roll 12 minus your remaining EP. An exploit can only be used when its triggering event takes place.

Name (Cost)

Exploit Points (EP): Begin each game session with 1 EP. When you “Fail” in game, roll a d12. On a 12, you gain an EP. Critical failures automatically earn an EP.

List of Exploits:

Show me the dice! (1)
The GM is making a hidden roll.
You get to watch the GM roll.

What does the scanner say!? (1)
You learn one statistic about a subject.

Oops, used the wrong dice (2)
You’ve rolled your dice
Reroll your dice and take the second result.

Did I do that? (3)
You did something.
You did not do that.

I forgot to add in my bonuses! (3+)
You’ve rolled your dice
Roll a d12, add the result to your roll. For every 3 EP you spend, roll another d12.

Hey, look over there! (4)
You’ve rolled your dice, but before you hear the result
Put the number you want on top.

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