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Go North • 2017 rpg

Nathan West • no link

An improv RPG in the style of classic text adventures

- 1 GM
- Players, usually just 1 main player, who control a single character

Players alternate with the GM stating an action, and the GM stating a result. Actions must be kept simple– a single verb and object, possible with simple clarification For example, “Go North,” “Check Inventory,” “Place key in lock.” The GM will then respond with the result of that action in a few sentences. Everything else is completely up to the discretion and imagination of the GM– the game is completely freeform and improvisational, including where the adventure takes place, starting inventory, etc. In general the GM only thinks a few steps ahead, giving the result of individual player actions; there’s no larger plot or story.

If playing with multiple players, they share control of a single character.

While players are free to try anything they want, typical verbs include “go <direction>”, “examine <object>”, “check inventory,” “use <object>,” “look at <anything>,” and so on.

Traditionally, the player’s first action is always “Go North”

Author Comments

Thanks to Caroline Wells, Stephen Berg, and the rest of my Spring 2014 college friend circle for helping to design and play this game

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