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The Deep Dark • 2017 rpg

S. John Bateman • @stephenthebeard

The Deep Dark -
The Deep Dark is a dungeon delving game for three players. It uses 2d6 for all resolution. 7+ is a success, 6- is a failure.

Each player is either a:
Cartographer - Finds ways through dungeon
Quartermaster - Keeps group supplied.
Man-at-Arms - Defends group.

The group begins with 4 torches and 5 HP and may choose:
Map - +1 to one Exploration test
Torch - +1 Torch
Sword - +1 to one Combat test

The game proceeds in phases, beginning with Exploration. The players are then free to move between Exploration and Camp as necessary.

Exploration tests Cartographer: 7+ finds uncharted room, 6- gets Lost.
        	-Lost: Subtract 1 Torch and Combat encounter!

Camp: Choose to Explore (move to Exploration) or Scavenge. 
Scavenging tests Quartermaster: 12 finds +1 sword or map, 7+ finds +1 Torch, 6- combat encounter!

Combat tests Man-at-arms: 7+ Victory; 6- Defeat (lose 1 HP).

Narrating – Before a player may roll the dice they must first narrate their character’s actions. How do they go about exploring, scavenging, or fighting?

The goal is to explore the entire dungeon by succeeding at 9 Cartographer tests before the group runs out of torches or HP.

Author Comments

This was inspired by the likes of games such as Dungeon World and Darkest Dungeon.

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