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Vegas • 2017 rpg

Doug Levandowski • twitter.com/levzilla

Vegas is a phone-based larp for two players: The Gambler (a gambling addict) and The Caller (a person who lives with and loves The Gambler). It deals with loss, addiction, and fraying human connections. Play consists of a single daily phone call.
First Call - Setup
Flesh out your in-game relationship. How are you connected? Why do you love seeing each other every day? What are some tensions between you?
Second Call - Starting
Have an argument leading to The Gambler going to Las Vegas. What tensions cause the fight? What does The Caller do to try to get The Gambler to stay? What, other than their gambling addiction, makes The Gambler leave?
Subsequent phone calls
A few hours prior to calling, The Caller will text The Gambler something that happens to The Gambler that day. (The Caller likely will not “know” the information they text in-game.) The Gambler fleshes out their day’s story within the following constraints:
They gamble and lose money every day – unless The Caller’s text tells you otherwise.
They cannot come home or leave Las Vegas.
The game ends when The Caller does not call for two sequential days or either player decides to stop.

Author Comments

Thanks to Banana Chan, Michael Epstein, and Carl Sebestyen for their feedback on the game!

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