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Russian Roulette • 2017 rpg

Goby • no link

You sit in a dimly lit room of the Russian mafia. There's a gun on the table pointed straight at you, you've messed up and now you gotta explain your way out of the mess from your crazy boss who has decided to play a game of Russian roulette to get answers from you. 
- 2-6 players (suggested: 3-5).
- 5 blank cards.
- 1 bullet card.
- Write prompts on blanks: Object, Location, Need, or Relationship.
- Shuffle Deck.
- Reload card: "shuffle another bullet card".
- Make prompts as a group before scenes.

what is my role within the mafia?
As a group:
what was our job?
Take turns doing actions and scenes, your agenda is to point the blame at the person to your left by the end of the scene. You can't end your scene before pointing blame and using the prompt.
Pull - draw card. Narrate a scene.
Pass (start with 1) - Point your finger at another player, say why the scene involves them. It's their turn. You can't pass a pass.
Double Pull - draw twice, earn a pass.
If you pull a bullet, die. New prompts, shuffle cards. Keep playing until 1 player remains. Dead players narrate NPCs.

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