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Chromed poets • 2017 rpg

Jacopo Colò •

There is a war in space. Big robots piloted by humans fight each other with laser swords and beam cannons. The war has been going on for a long time but it is about to end. It ends today, with this battle.

You are the two best pilots of your factions and fight each other one last time, deciding everyone’s fate.

You compose haikus using at least one of the words listed below in each.The fastest pilot to compose the first haiku starts.

The pilots then alternate at composing haikus. The haikus should answer to each other and are about who you are, what you pilot, why you fight, what is this war about, your relationship with each other and scenes from your battle.

The first pilot to use all the words below in their haikus, wins the war. Their last haiku must describe the consequences for their faction. The other pilot gets then to write a final haiku with any word to describe the consequences for everyone else.

Metal - sword - sunrise - rose - planet - space - nuclear - explosion - dust - particle - chrome - ring - divine - rebel - fire - attack - transform - colony - door - peace - stardust - comrade - human - exploration - star - alien - terror - field - god - fly

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