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Suits • 2017 rpg

Jon Hook • no link

Players each have a single suit of poker cards, (ascending order: 2 – 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace), for conflict resolution. 
The Dealer has one complete deck of poker cards, including two Jokers, to conflict against the Players. 
The Dealer presents a story framework for the Players to interact within, be it a murder mystery, super heroics, space adventure, or whatever universe the Players and Dealer wish to explore. 
The Dealer and Players collaborate to tell a story. When a conflict occurs, the Dealer secretly selects one card to represent the challenge rating (CR), and the Player(s) involved secretly select one card to challenge the conflict. Once all cards are secretly selected and presented face-down, all participants flip their cards face-up to resolve the conflict. The Player(s) with a card equal-to or greater than the Dealer’s CR card win the conflict; the Dealer and Player narrate the success. If the Player(s) cards are less than the CR card, then the Dealer narrates the failure. 
Ace is wild, and can be any value for the Players. Ace is always “high” for the Dealer. Joker is wild, and can be any value for the Dealer. 

Author Comments

Big thanks to Jeff Dee for his post about this contest that prompted me to look into it, and then submit an entry.

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