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Kataware Doki • 2017 rpg finalist

Joseph Le May •

For two players. 

Sit facing away from each other. Alternate turns living a day in one another's lives. Days should last roughly five minutes apiece. 

The first day is from three years ago. Secondly, a day from last year. Thirdly, a day from last week. While your fellow player inhabits your body, set the scene and characters. Offer honest answers about your own life. Portray everyone and everything except yourself. You and your fellow player themself cannot meet or interact directly. 

On your turn, discover your fellow player’s desires, hopes, or fears. Ask probing questions. Peer into their heart and learn what it means to be them.

After three days each, YouTube search "katawaredoki radwimps" and play the top video. When the piano begins, face each other and maintain unbroken eye contact. Physical touch has now become possible. You'll each have until violin music plays again to tell your fellow player something both true and beautiful about them. Listen for short violin chords played behind the piano music. 

When the violin chords play, the magic ends abruptly. Close your eyes, breaking any physical contact. For the remainder of the song, reflect silently upon your shared experience. 

Finally, thank one another. 

Author Comments

Special thanks to Jenn Martin, who DEMANDED I see the film which inspired this game, and made helpful suggestions for clarity.

Judge Comments

I love a good emotional gut-punch. I happen to know the work this game’s based on, and the rules adapt the concept to an RPG perfectly, in a way that makes it powerful to the players. Even better, it’s a short game (play time should only last half an hour or so), so even though it’s for 2 players more can absolutely watch without getting bored. - Brent Newhall

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