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Triad - Deckbuilding Game • 2017 rpg

Tom Jessup • no link

There are 2 decks: Stats deck (Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity cards) and Main (Spells and Equipment cards) deck.
Everyone draws 8 cards at random from the stats deck, and 2 from the Main deck.
Place and flip up 6 cards from the main deck in the center row and begin.

The objective is to use spells/equipment (armor and weapons) to kill your opponents.
Every turn, draw a stat point from the stat deck and 4 cards from your deck.
Discard 3 stat cards to buy any 2 power stat card, which are set aside from the primary stat deck.
Use these cards to buy items and spells in the center row, which go into your discard pile.
At end of turn, all cards played go into the discard pile, and draw a new hand.
When you’re out of cards in your deck, shuffle the discard pile and it becomes your deck again.
This deck essentially defines your “class”

Spells/Equipment have specific costs (ex. Fireball = 2 Int, Bow = 2 Dex, 1 Str)
Spells may be played once per turn for free; Equipment are played and stay out.
Most equipment either have passive buffs or activated abilities, like attacks.

Author Comments

This game is heavily influenced by Dominion (of course) and Ascension. As a huge CCG/TCG player, I’ve noticed that almost every card game in existence uses creatures to fight other creatures at the very base level. I’ve never seen a card game that takes on the play style and themes of RPGs and I really wanted to. Aside from MTG, I’m tired of using creatures to attack my opponent; I’d rather it be ME attacking my opponent. I tried making a TCG about this but it seemed a little clunky. There’s quite likely a way to do it but I haven’t quite figured out. Plus, deck building games are often way more intuitive.

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