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NATURE PLANET • 2017 rpg

Stuart Hodge •

For Four Players.
You are a NATURE DOCUMENTARY CREW led by a Steve Irwin-like host. 

Pick a natural setting (Outback, Serengeti...). 

Each player writes 2 challenges that could arise there (related to WILDLIFE, TERRAIN, PEOPLE, or GEAR) on separate index cards and rates one Normal and one Tough. Shuffle face down.

One player is the Host (knows wildlife) and to overcome challenges must DESCRIBE or INTERACT,
One is the Guide (knows terrain) and must NAVIGATE or COMMUNICATE, 
One is the Producer (knows people) and must WORK THROUGH or NEGOTIATE, 
One is the Cameraman (knows gear) and must RECORD or IMPROVISE. 

Turn over a card to ENCOUNTER wildlife or other challenges, either normal (roll 4+) or tough (6+). Challenges are faced by all characters in any order (narrate how your character does this) using a d8 against the challenge number. Roll twice if it’s something you KNOW. On failure, players describe the “blooper” that results and introduce a new unexpected wrinkle to the challenge. 

Each other player must act before a player may act again. 

Once players have 3 successes, flip the next card. 

Game ends once all ENCOUNTERS are overcome. Each player then gives their Oscar speech for the documentary.

Author Comments

I think I just wanted to experience, for a moment, the majesty of being Steve Irwin or David Attenborough. Thanks to my usual Pathfinder group (beeawwb, popdart, freeze, and techie) for proofreading

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