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Alliteration • 2017 rpg

Andrew Haywood • no link

Lite RPG System

Each player names their character, distributes Skill Points [5, 4, 3, 2, 1] to:
•Ability (constitution, strength)
•Aptitude (dexterity, intelligence)
•Attention (wisdom, charisma)
•Assets (wealth, equipment)
•Arcane (magic, alchemy)
HP: 5 + sum of lowest two [Ability, Aptitude, Attention]

Define five Actions, one per Skill:
“[Skill] - [Name]: When I [condition] and my foes [condition] then I [awesome].”
Example: “Ability - Whirlwind: When I am surrounded and my foes fear me then I attack everyone nearby.”
Players may use each Action once/Rest. No roll required.

GM describes scenes, presents challenges. When players attempt something interesting: GM determines Skill used, requests Check.

GM chooses difficulty (standard is 2; each complication +1).
Player rolls d6 dice equal to Skill Points. On each die: 4+ succeed and 6 explode (always roll 6s again, counting successes). 
If fewer successes than Difficulty: 
•Fail the Check (GM narrates outcome)
•Lose [Difficulty - successes] HP
•Gain 1 XP

Rest for 1 hour: regain all HP. Optionally train one skill: spend XP equal to its Skill Points to increase it by 1 or rewrite its Action.

•Death at 0 HP.
•Ascend at 25 total Skill Points. Describe how this changes the world.

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