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Investigator200 • 2017 rpg

Scott Maclure •

Derivative system for horror games. 
Assumes familiarity with popular horror RPGs.

Rulings, not rules.
Say yes or roll dice.
Only players roll dice.

Stats (assign: +2, 0, -1)
Action (physical)
Insight (mental)
Influence (social)

Conditions (assign: 10, 5)
Health (HP) (+1 / day of rest)
Sanity (SP) (+1 via vignette between scenarios with Bond)

Occupation (Career. See other RPGs for lists)
Belief (Ideal, concept, moral - drives you into danger)
Bond (NPC you confide in)
Flaw (Gets you into trouble)

Core mechanic: 2d6+STAT
10+: You do it
7–9: You do it with a cost (narrative, -HP or -SP)
6-: The GM says what happens (could be a cost)

Advantage: Anything *directly* related to Occupation = treat 6- as 7-9.
Disadvantage: Treat 10+ as 7-9. Some difficult tasks impose Disadvantage.
(Dis)Advantage cancel out.

Insight: Good roleplaying (e.g. Belief, Flaw) grants Insight (max 1).
Consume Insight later for Advantage.

Damage = Light: -1(d6) SP(HP), Normal: -2(d6) SP(HP), Heavy: -3(d6) SP(HP)
0 HP = Action test to stay alive. 7-9 result = -1 Action.
0 SP = Action test to stay sane. 7-9 result = -1 Insight / Influence.

PvP = Attacker - defender stat & roll

Roll boxcars (2x6’s) = +1 Stat

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