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Game Cartridge Monsters • 2017 rpg

@Spohntaneous •

Friends in the late 1980s uncover dark monsters and must save their town. They discover that video game cartridges can be used to capture monsters! They scramble to build their own catching equipment and power suits and before the monsters take over! 

Need one deck of cards, but only 9 cards of each suit. 

Card values are irrelevant. Flip one card per turn. Make a column for each suit, with rows for each set of 3 collected. Record HP, XP, equipment built, and monsters captured.

Start at 20 HP and 0 XP. 

Every Heart heals 1 HP. 

XP (Diamonds) follows this structure:

1st-3rd collected: +1 XP
4th-6th +2 XP
7th-9th +3 XP

Parts (Clubs) structure:

After the 3rd part is collected, you build the PCC pocket cartridge catcher. 
6th: ESC entertainment system catcher
9th: SUPER super entertainment system catcher.

Monsters (Spades) structure:

1-3 Kawaii. 3 XP with a PCC will capture it. If not captured, -3 HP. 

4-6 S. Class. 5 XP with ESC. If not, -4.

7-9 Kaiju. 10 XP with SUPER. If not, -5. 

Catch a monster and you can plug its cartridge in to power up your suit! Track your high score! 

Author Comments

I would love help developing a story set in this world! I’m interested in telling stories here.

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