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Flirt Party Aftermath • 2017 rpg

Johannes Oppermann •

Flirt Party Aftermath
a supplement to Flirt Party - 20-50 players.
by Johannes Oppermann

The Talk

Everyone, think of your most intense past relationship. When you were sure what it was. Think of the talk you had before you were sure. Describe your situation on an index card. Be brief, but clear. Put all index cards in a hat. Mix, then draw one at random. This is your motivation. 

Partner up, take opposite seats at a long table. Like speed dating, but assume you’ve already met. You’re at a point where at least one of you wants an answer to the question “What is this between us?” 

Take 5 minutes with your partner, try to achieve your goal. After that, leave your card on the table, move one space left. Opposites, keep your seat, but pass your card to the left. Repeat until you’ve tried all cards.

Ice Cream & Breakups

Same as before, write on an index card. But this time, think of the time you broke up. Think of when you knew you would. Think of when you had the talk. Write your motivation. Then have the talk, as above. 

Now have some ice cream - you’re so brave, treat yourself!

Author Comments

Keywords: crucial talks in a relationship - practicing stressful communication

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