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Lineage • 2017 rpg

Etienne T.Harvey •

Gather 2 or more players to create the lineage of a family.

1. Together establish what kind of setting you’re playing in. The youngest player goes first. 

2. Choose a character name and write it on a piece of paper. 

3. Each other player ask a question from this list below about that character. Write a summary of each answer close to the name:

How did they become spurned / disgraced / forgotten and by who?
What have they done for history books to remember them? 
What or who did they have to leave behind and why?
What was their greatest achievement that no one heard of?
What world changing event were they a part of and what was their role in it?
What secret did they keep? Who knew or learned about it? 
What crime did they do? What was their punishment?
Create a new open question.

4. After, put the piece of paper on the table. If there is already names on it you can put it on top (representing the parent of the previous name) or the bottom (representing the child of the name above). Go back to step two or end the game and the lineage.

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