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The Creation • 2017 rpg

Katja Sverdlilje • no link

Each player’s character awake as a consciousness in a void, aware of only the other characters. They are the primordeal spirits and gods in a universe just born. They must choose their character’s Essence; a quality, activity or phenomenon, i.e. love, wisdom, mischief, war, harvest. Then choose character name.

The characters receive an Imperative (from the Divine Force that created them) to create sentient life, including the necessary habitats (e.g. planets). Let the players play, it doesn’t have to resemble our universe. Delve into detail, especially with life and sentient beings; what do they look like, how do they function, are they sociable, how do they survive, etc.

When sentient beings have been created, the characters must (by imperative) teach them their Essence (love, wisdom, mischief, etc.) in whatever way they choose. You may also investigate how the beings relate to the gods (characters); prayer, offerings, rituals, or not at all. 

Plot device: if the GM decides so, sentient beings may be able to send thoughts to gods they know about.

RPG system: the GM chooses outcomes that drives or creates stories.

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