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The Places Where I Found You • 2017 rpg

Mel •

Tools: Pencil and paper. 

Roles: The House (mute). The Ghost. The Child. The Diary. 

Players: 4. Combine The Child and Diary roles to play with 3, and The House and Ghost to play with 2. 

1. In silence, The House begins drawing a location - such as a house, room, or outdoor setting - on a piece of paper. The Ghost interprets the image and answers questions from The Child and Diary about the location while The House draws.

2. The Diary narrates an average day from The Child's past set in the sketched location. The House illustrates the setting with features from The Diary's story, until the The Ghost interrupts. 

3. The Ghost creates a Haunted Object, which The House draws, and recounts The Child's monstrous or unsettling encounter with the object.

4. The Child responds with a positive memory or fantasy about the location or Haunted Object, and crumples up the page. 

Repeat Steps 1 through 4 two more times.  

5. The Ghost chooses one of the crumpled pages at random. They reveal The Ghost's origin or first manifestation in that location.

6. The Child takes another crumpled page and describes their final encounter with The Ghost in that location.

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