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Dualistic Voices • 2017 rpg

Luciano Gil •

You’re not the master of your world. Be it salvation or damnation, your world’s fate is not only in your hands but in those next to you.

Minimum of 3 players.
Sheets of paper and pencil for everyone.
Each player describes 3 Humanoid races. Then describe the type of civilization they live in. Example: “Orcs living in a steampunk civilization.”
Each player describes the “Hero” from each race they’ve picked.
Who are they? Do they have any powers or specialties? What’s their personality? What do they do and what are their goals?
Each player take turns describing an event about a Hero, but no more than 5 events for each Hero. Write it down on your paper.
The player on the left will describe a tragedy or disaster about the event.
The Player on the right will describe an achievement or happiness about the event.
 The creator of the Hero combines those details and create an event.
  After the 5th turn, players will end their Hero’s story.

Each player picks a Hero and create a story in which they go into the world of the player to their right. Create 5 events about their adventures .

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