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Keep The Gnome Fires Burning • 2017 rpg

David Okum • http://okumarts.com/

Play gnomes returning home through a dragon-infested forest.
Rank and Health: spread 6 points between. Minimum 1 point each.
Powers: Cost 3 points.
Powers are freeform, relating to one chosen element (fire, air, water, earth). 
Earth powers toss rocks, but gnomes can’t float on wind. Powers add +1 Rank.
Weapon: Club/blunt, Blade/edged, Spear/puncture, Sling/ranged
Task Roll: Rank +1d6. Target: 2d6
Gnomes die at zero Health.
The Game:
Gnomes must survive 12 Turns to get home. Roll on the Encounter Table each Turn.
Make a Task Roll for each encounter.
Successful: the encounter flees with Weapons, destroyed with Powers. Treat future encounters with destroyed monsters as a nothing result. Fail: 1 Health lost. Then move on to the next encounter next Turn.
Gnomes can take Turns together to help each other, adding both Ranks to 1d6 roll, but if they fail, they both take the damage and lose a Turn next time.
2d6  	Encounter
2      	Fire Dragon, ignore puncture/fire/heat.
3      	Earth Dragon, ignore blunt/earth.
4      	Air Dragon, ignore ranged/air,
5      	Water Dragon, ignore edged/water,
6-7   	Demon, 3d6 Target, ignore powers
8      	Gazebo, ignores all weapons.
9-11 	Nothing
12    	Gain +2 Health

Author Comments

A rather linear game, but I like the idea of teaming up to destroy the dragons with powers not available to some players.

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