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GHOST//BODY: Road Warrior Repossessors • 2017 rpg

Alex Fricke • no link

We are hideous ghosts, every one of us. Hoping for flesh to reinvigorate and inspire us. But big money controls the meat, and so controls us.

Enter RoWR. Road Warrior Repossessors: reclaiming auto bodies and human bodies. Real-vid stars; teams competing for likes and subscribers, dash- and shoulder-cams glorifying their story.

Flesh is clothing: borrowed; bought; stolen. Your ghost and footage are your own.

Get Traits: 3 words each, detailing…
    Your hideous ghost.
    Collectively, the crew’s wheels.

Who finds your ghost beautiful? Why?

#Get Flesh#
    Crewmate: Describes your body. How’s it gorgeous?
    Different crewmate: Describes the acquisition. Complications?
    Who finds it handsome? Why?

Choose Spirit or Somatics: +1d8 when rolling it.

Roll 3d8 plus…
    Spirit to get clever, subtle, willful, ghostly.
    Somatics for driving, physicality, passion, violence.
… +1d8 if a vehicle Trait applies.

Each 4+ is Ace, 1s are Trouble, otherwise a Flop.
Troubles cancel out Aces.
Evoke each personal Trait once per session to reroll any Troubles.
Assign uncancelled Aces to… 
    Things go as planned. Otherwise, how’d you screw up?
    You didn’t get hurt. Otherwise, what kinda hurt?
    Your hideous ghost stays hidden. Otherwise, how’d it get 
More Troubles than Aces? Big damage. Full-body rejection:
  #Get Flesh#

Author Comments

—Inspiration: Market Forces by Richard Morgan, Mad Max: Fury Road (2015), past finalist Force-Blade Punk by Grant Howitt, with a healthy dose of posthuman sci-fi and Repo Man (1984) thrown in.

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