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Momento • 2017 rpg

Stephen Ritterbush • @selerik

Everything has a past, stories are what give them history. In Momento you play as an object. Something that can fit in a pocket is best. Working with others, you will give it a story.

Setup Phase
All players take their object and set it in view of the other players. You then take turns introducing your object. Pay attention to what others say about their objects.

Once all the items are introduced, the player with the largest object picks a theme. The player with the smallest object picks the mood. Use that theme and mood to help give a setting to your story.

Storytelling Phase
Working together, the players find the story of how all of the objects met one another. This is a collaborative exercise. Players then take turns telling that story from the perspective of their object.

Scoring Phase
Give all players voting slips equal to the number of other players. Write S on one, and T on another.

Give the S to the player whose object you liked the story of the most.
Give the T to the player who told the best story about your object.

The player with the most S/Ts wins.

Author Comments

This is a fantastic challenge, so glad to participate. Best of luck to everyone!

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