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Erika Chappell •

it’s gmless apocalypse world but shakespeare.

the game occurs acts. each act there is a different gm; everyone gets to go once. introduce the game by setting the stage. everyone introduces themselves, and then everyone points to everyone else and declares that they either hate or love that person. for everyone you hate, add 1 to hate. for everyone you love, add 1 to love. (max +3)

each scene, the gm picks two characters and gives a question they must try to answer by the end of the act. other characters may enter as they see fit.

when you act to build or show affection, roll +love. on a +10, tell the other person something they now believe. on a 7-9, exchange things you now believe. on a miss, -1 love, +1 hate.

when you act to oppose or suppress another, roll +hate. on a 10+, forbid the other person from doing something. on a 7-9, exchange taboos. on a miss, +1 love, -1 hate.

once everyone has gone, play a final act with all characters. a 10+ on love results in a marriage. a 10+ on hate results in a death. either way, the play then ends.

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