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Septem Memorias • 2017 rpg

Shane Fitzgerald • no link

DM creates a character for each player, with a name, age, personality, appearance, and several memories. Roll 1d6+1 each for BODY, MIND, & SOUL. Keep everything a secret!

Players know nothing about their characters. They will deduce their stats through the story, uncovering character traits and using that knowledge to guide them.

The characters wake up in an unfamiliar place, with no idea who they are, where they are, or where they came from.

Each player is allowed to know a little about one of their stats, of their choosing. A 1-2 is GRIM, a 3-5 is ORDINARY, a 6-7 is SPLENDID. They should roleplay around the stats they know.

When a character attempts something, they roll a d12. Secretly add their relevant stat, and tell them the results (not the numerical result). 7+ is generally a success. Damage is usually 1-2. NPC’s will just use a d12.

Damage is subtracted from the relevant stat. DM describes the effects. When a stat reaches zero, they fall unconscious. If left unconscious too long, they die- or worse...

As the story unfolds, characters unlock memories that reveal more about themselves. When a character unlocks their seventh memory, give them their character sheet.

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