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Why We Hunt • 2017 rpg

Spencer Campbell • www.wizbotgames.com

Your group gathers around the table to retell the story of their latest hunt. What you hunted, and how, will be revealed over time.

On scrap paper, write down the following:
Hunter’s Code: Write your personal code as a hunter (Example: Never stop the hunt, even if my legs give out)
Trophy 1, Trophy 2

Go around the table and describe your hunter, starting with a name and description. Choose a player to go first, they are the StoryTeller. The StoryTeller begins by setting the scene of the hunt, creating any details they want. At any point, a player can cross off one of their Trophies and inject a complication/question into the story. The StoryTeller crosses off one of their Attributes or Code, describing how it got them out of the bind. They may no longer use that in the hunt. The role of StoryTeller then goes to the next clockwise player. The hunt continues until all players have marked off their Trophies, or the group agrees the hunt was a challenging and satisfying one indeed. What will you hunt next?

Author Comments

Why We Hunt is a quick warm up that my friends and I will run through from time to time before we get into a bigger RPG session. Thanks to Mike Rieman for being a cool dude and lending me his advice!

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