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Demon Dare • 2017 rpg

Daniele Di Rubbo •

Each player creates a Person and a Demon.

For Persons, decide:
A name;
Your Truth: an unspeakable secret you will never reveal.

Let everything else emerge during play.

Demons drive humans to self-destruction. Choose a Demon’s Name: [attribute] + [title] + of + [purview]. E.g. “Cruel Lady of Tears.”

Frame scenes in turn: focus on a Person and have a Demon dare them to do something destructive. Be inspired by the Demon’s Name.

Person’s player, tell the Demon’s player what could convince you. You cannot refuse in the end.

Draw a poker card:

A-K-Q-J: You get away with it;

10-9-8-7-6: You do it, with cost or complication;

5-4-3-2: You screw up.

Play out the outcome together. You can never reveal your Truth, even if you would like to.

From the second card on, build a house-of-cards. From the third card on, if your house-of-cards falls, your Truth comes to light.

If your Truth comes to light, make a deck with the cards of your crumbled house-of-cards and draw one:

A-K-Q-J: You come clean (what did you learn?) and destroy a Demon.

10-9-8-7-6: Choose:
You come clean;
You get a scar, but destroy a Demon.

5-4-3-2: Your life is forever scarred. How? Why?

Author Comments

Special thanks to Alberto Muti for proofreading and peer review.

Sources of inspiration: “Starfighter Legends” (Jonathan Walton, 2015-in fieri), “Dread” (Epidiah Ravachol, 2005), “Truth or dare?” (traditional game).

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