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Fire of the Gods • 2017 rpg

Chuck Dee •

Long ago, Divinity left the world; the gods disappeared. But that Fireremained in their bloodlines, and it has been rekindled.
What will you do with the power of a god?
The GM frames the world with two simple questions:
When will the game start?
When did Divinity return?
Narrate your god's description and background; all gods are exceptional. Choose a Realm, assign 5 points between Mundane (operating as a mortal) and Divine (operating as a god), minimum 1 point. Also start with 5 Numina (the divine Fire).
Divine always trumps Mundane; chance is only for similar forces. Divinecan be used within a god's Realm, or when Numina is spent. Players roll dice, taking 2d6- one fortune and one fate. Roll, subtracting fate from fortune, adding stat, and optionally Numina.
> 0: Player narrates.
< 0: GM narrates.
= 0: Player narrates, GM narrates price.
Each use of Divine gives the GM Fate, which can be spent anytime to subtract one from a roll, narratively justified. Numina can be used to negate hits, but at 0 Numina, the next hits cause tremendous stress on the god's body; the GM will keep you posted.

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