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Wilder • 2017 rpg

Jacob House • no link

Three to four people outline a wilderness setting (mountaintop, desert, ...); name the recurring Challenge against your return home (wildlife, weather, ...). Everyone says who they’re portraying and chooses +1 to act rashly, help others, or use wits. One player narrates the scene of how your characters became stranded in this wilderness.

Write down three obstacles (trapped, starvation, ...) against which the characters work to return to civilisation; set them out on the table. In a hat, everyone places three Tickets with narrative elements (cabin, gunfire, ...) written on them. Keep the challenge in mind.

Choose one player to be the Guide, who picks an obstacle and draws a ticket, narrating scenes to include them. Other players say what their characters do; some draw tickets to use in their descriptions.

When players try something risky or dangerous, roll a dice. 4+ is good, 3- isn’t; the guide says how.

After three tickets are used, if the obstacle hasn’t been overcome, the guide narrates it’s resolution, good or bad.

After an obstacle is resolved another player volunteers to be the new guide and picks a new obstacle. For the last obstacle, the guides says how overcoming it takes you home.

Author Comments

Wilder [verb] Cause to lose one’s way; lead or drive astray. 1a. Perplex; bewilder.

Wilder is an RPG for short game sessions in which the players tell the story of a group finding their way home (or not) after becoming stranded in the wilderness. The challenges they face and the things they encounter are for the players to decide, but when and how is a different story.

Features a rotating GM so that every player gets a chance to direct the story while still feeling not totally in control.

Inspired by computer exploration games like Firewatch and The Long Dark and movies like The Grey and 127 Hours.

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