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SuperKid - a game for one adult and one child • 2017 rpg

Katarzyna Kuczynska • no link

You create a story about SuperKid, who saves a person/a city/the world from a villain/disaster/impending doom (decide each time you play). An adult is the GM, a child is the Player.

Together, write down at least 5 characters from your favourite movies, books or comic books. They will be SuperKid’s allies or otherwise relevant to the story. You can use them anytime you feel appropriate. 

Player chooses one SuperKid’s superpower.

GM narrates the story and creates Challenges, player declares SuperKid’s actions, how would she overcome Challenges, and asks questions about the situation. The GM then gives the Player a Task. If she completes the Task, SuperKid succeeds. If she fails, she may try again or you can help her.

Example Tasks: do 10 jumping jacks, spot 10 red cars, 7x8=?, capital of France, spell a word.

Example Challenges: enemies, monster, someone needs help, fire, water, earthquake, villain escapes, betrayal, unexpected obstacle.

After SuperKid completes her mission, Player can choose one new superpower.

Play to have fun. You are on SuperKid’s team, you both want her to succeed and overcome even the most difficult Challenges. Make the Tasks fun and engaging, but not too hard to complete.

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