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The Wake • 2017 rpg

Nick Cummings • https://www.whymog.net/

Honor the memory of the friend you lost.

• Three or more people
• Notecards
• An urn — a fireproof vessel
• Matches

If the weather permits, go somewhere nice. If not, go elsewhere. Seek quiet. Stay close.

                           Sit in

                      a circle around

                          the urn.

Each person takes three cards and writes a number on the back of each:

Using no more than four words per card, each person answers the following:

On the first card,
       recount a treasured memory with a friend.

On the second card,
       describe a time you felt alone.

On the third card,
	     share your source of hope in the face of adversity.

Shuffle all cards into three stacks by number. Each person takes one card from each stack, making sure not to draw their own.

Each person studies their first card. When ready, they share that memory with the group as though it was their own before tearing the card up and dropping it into the urn.

Once each person has spoken, repeat for second and third cards.

                  When the time is right,

                      burn the cards

                     and seal the urn.

Author Comments

Inspired by: • “Longest Night” and “Lost Constellation” by Infinite Fall - https://finji.itch.io/longest-night & https://finji.itch.io/lost-constellation • “Kentucky Route Zero” by Cardboard Computer - http://kentuckyroutezero.com/

Special thanks to: • Nathan Harrison - https://orbis-tertius.org/

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