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Trash Pandas • 2017 rpg finalist

Eric Farmer • @ericmfarmer

A heist game starring raccoons.

The Gear:
4 humans
20D6s + 1D6 (for Glitter)
A high-sided box

The Cast:
Ringo; clever - Shake the box after seeing the results.
Mittens; crafty - Your roll succeeds on 3+.
Porkbutt; big ‘un - Pick 2 numbers.
Glitter; wild - Roll for your number, that die counts. Keep it.

Start with Ringo and The Approach.

The Turn:
Put the dice in the box and SHAKE, but don’t peek. Pick a number from 1 to 6. Peek! Pull out matching dice. (If none match, tell your raccoon’s zany misadventure. Pass the Turn, but not the Phase.) Pass dice clockwise, giving 1 to each person until gone. Each rolls, on 4+, add a successful detail and return the die to the box. On a 3-, introduce a goofy complication and discard the die. 

Pass the box to any player. They start the next Phase. Continue until the Score, or all the dice are gone and you bust!

The Phases:
The Approach
The Opposition
The Twist
Plan B
The Score -  Everyone secretly picks a number and one SHAKES the box. Each match is a delectable treat for you! 

#1: The Cat Flap, CATS!, Fishtank...
#2: Dumpster, Its Massive Bulk, Locked!

Author Comments

Author did not add any comments.

Judge Comments

At the confluence of what we were looking for in a roleplaying game sits Trash Pandas. It has an immediately appealing personality that grabs attention and holds it, simple mechanics that exist in the service of the story, and enough room left in the margins for creative storytelling and gameplay. We wanted to tell stories about the Trash Pandas team as soon as we read about them. - Jef and Jon

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