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Wesworld • 2017 rpg

David Okum •

Play characters in a Wes Anderson Movie. 

Character Creation:
Determine a Wes Anderson actor, an archetype, and two Quirks.

2d6	Actor			Archetype			Quirk
2	Murray			Servant			       Spontaneous
3	Paltrow		        Lawyer				Heartbroken
4	Wilson			Educator			Outsider
5	Blanchett		Thug				Genius
6	Schwartzman	Explorer			       Scamp
7	Brody			Spiritualist			Sporty
8	Portman		Prodigy			        Helpful
9	Goldblum		Musician			Dumb Luck
10	Willis			Hipster				Grumpy
11	Norton			Service			        Demanding
12	Swinton		        Cop				        Manic

Player Roles:
Narrator: The referee tells the story and determines outcomes.  
Actors: The other players. 

How to Play:
1. Create Characters and figure out how they know each other.  
2. The Narrator sets up Part One, describing the setting and action and then giving each character a scene where they are the focus. 
The players and narrator tell a three-part story. Each character has one scene per Part. Scenes take 5-10 minutes. 
3. In Part Two players describe the events of their scene, but the narrator guides the story, adding complications and determining outcomes. 
If in doubt use a challenge of some kind (roll highest on 1d6, rock/paper/scissors). Describe and move the story logically. 
4. In Part Three the narrator describes what happens to each character. Players can demand challenges. 

Author Comments

I’ve run a more expanded version of this game, but it was therapeutic to simplify the process.

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