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MiskatonicU • 2017 rpg

Jeremy Whitson • @jeremy_whitson

MiskatonicU is a dark-comedy/cosmic-horror RPG set in Miskatonic University. Think “The Breakfast Club” meets “Call of Cthulhu.”

Create classmates by making report cards. Assign two classes to each letter grade (A, B, C, D, and F). Classes can be normal (e.g. Calculus) or bizarre/Lovecraftian (e.g. Fish-People 101). Also, choose a stereotype for your character (nerd, jock, etc.).

Conflicts are resolved by rolling d6 pools. 5’s and 6’s count as successes. More successes = better outcome. Dice pools are based on your grade in the class most relevant to the action:

F=1d6, success only on 6’s
If you have no relevant classes, die pool is the same as F.

Stereotypes add +1d6/-1d6 to dice pools of appropriate actions (e.g. nerd: +1d6 on math, -1d6 on combat actions). A dice pool cannot go below 1d6.

Each character starts with 6 Health and 6 Sanity, tracked by d6’s. A character’s dice pools for physical and mental actions cannot exceed their current Health and Sanity, respectively. Characters die/go insane at 0. 

On an attack, successes = damage. Monsters can also attack Sanity. Opposed actions (e.g. dodging, hiding) are made first and each success removes 1d6 from the opponent’s dice pool. 

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