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Evil Goatees • 2017 rpg

Paul Griffin • no link

There are good and evil dimensions. The joker from a deck of cards represents which dimension you are in. Shuffle the other 52 cards and place them face down.  Each player draws one card from the top of the deck and places it face up in front of them to represent how evil their goatee is.  If an ace is drawn, reshuffle and draw another card. A higher card represents a more evil goatee.

Start in the good dimension. Whenever a player attempts a difficult action, they draw the top card from the deck. The more evil their goatee, the harder the action is, so the drawn card must be greater than or equal to the player’s goatee to succeed.  An ace is a critical success, but all players are warped into the opposite dimension. The joker is flipped to show this.  When in the evil dimension, an evil goatee becomes an asset, and cards LOWER than or equal to a player’s goatee represent success. When you run out of cards, shuffle all cards, including goatee cards, back together. All players draw new goatees, then continue.

Roleplay as good or as evil as your goatee suggests!

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