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Sentence Dungeon • 2017 rpg

Roberto Kingsley • no link

Your group is about enter a dungeon. One person is the GM, and the rest make characters by assigning the numbers 6, 4 and 2 to Strength, Sorcery and Secrecy and picking one weapon and one trinket for gear. Actions are resolved by successfully rolling a d6 under your stat. (NPCs have 3's in all their stats.) Characters may be wounded three times in a single battle before they are knocked unconscious.

To stock the dungeon, the GM flips to a random page of the nearest book. The first complete sentence on that page is your dungeon for this adventure. Use the following procedure:

1. Vowels represent a new room. Multiple vowels in a row is a hallway.

2. Consonants are room features. Convert the consonant into a number from 1-26, and consult the chart below (for two digit numbers, add the digits together so you have one digit):

Dungeon Contents
1-6 – A monster (d6: 1-2 orc, 3-4 elemental, 5 dragon, 6 demon) guarding (d6: 1-3 nothing, 4-6 treasure.)
7-8 – A trap (d6: 1-2 arrows, 3-4 magic fire, 5-6 pit)
9 – Special (d6: 1-2 wishing well, 3-4 a chained prisoner, 5-6 talking statue)

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