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BadyRPG • 2017 rpg

Asaf Kazachinsky • no link

You are Baby.
Your mind shapes realities - what you wish for, happens… in Babies minds.
The Adults will interfere with you chasing fairy dinosaurs, put you in caged chairs with spaghetti plates… though spaghetti is Baby’s ammunition - a galactic catapult. 

One player is ArchBaby, tasked to provide Babies with their challenges and narrate the story - from morning, until The Adults put you back to sleep.

Whenever a Baby wants to perform a feat, ArchBaby will declare which roll Baby must take - Cute, Innocent, Or Loud.
Baby rolls a 6-sided die, adding Baby Skill score.
On a 4 and above, Baby says what happens - that’s what happens.
3 and Below, ArchBaby says what happens - it’s never good for Baby.

When Baby fails in a roll, add a point in that attribute. 
When baby succeeds - remove a point.

What Skills Babies have?
Cute	 	you manipulate adults (if they can understand you)
Innocent	your imagination is strong (you are a wizard, Baby)
Loud		you interrupt any event with brute force (and tears)

So go, Babies, hunt and defeat Stinkerbell, the monstrous under-lava dragon (the neighbor's dog) before The Adults catch you and put you to sleep.

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