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Mementos: A journey to the subconcious • 2017 rpg

Gustavo La Fontaine • @tanaka84

Premise: Travel to your client’s subconscious and deal with their dissonant cognitions; but be careful, the subconscious fights back, even using your own skeletons in the closet.

Players: 3-5

a name, gender, and two adjectives
1 thing you are good at
2 Relationships

Player Roles
1 Id
1 Delver
Everyone else  Defense mechanism

Each player picks a role (rotate)
Id sets dissonance (Troublesome memory)
Each Defense Mechanism makes things worse by changing one aspect
The delver describes how they try to fix dissonance and Id reacts (exchange)
When delver presents a  solution, roll and describe outcome
Write down a reminder of this scene

Did the delver do the right thing? (Table votes)
All yes: 4D6
Yes and no: 3D6
All no: 2d6

Add 1 die if delver use the thing they are good at, delver rolls as many dice as they like.

16+: Success with cost, change a relation for the worse.
10-15: Delver triumphed, no consequences
9 or less: Delver failed

After 5 scenes, use the reminders to describe the final outcome/epilogue. Delvers who changed both relations end in tragedy. 

Remember, it's a dream world, think surreal

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