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Pavlov's House • 2017 rpg

Erika Chappell • https://www.patreon.com/opensketch

You are a team of snipers, fighting in the ruins of one of your own cities against an invader. Name yourself. You are pinned down in a building.

Get a large number of two different colours of d6s (red and white). Amass a number of token and place them in an opaque bag without any player knowing how many there are. Set a timer for 15 minutes. When the time is up, the enemy advances, and you die.

On each turn, somebody must volunteer to spot. They roll a number of white dice; the more they roll, the longer they spend looking.

On 2-4, the spotter describes something in the environment; locations, buildings, signs. Draw a map.

For every 5+, remove a token from the bag and place it in the open. The spotter describes the location of an enemy soldier, what they are armed with, and one thing that makes them unique.

When there are enemies in the open, you may roll red dice. On a 4+ on a red dice, remove a token in the open. Describe the death of this foe.

If any die are a 1, the spotter is killed.

Identify and neutralize all the enemies.

Author Comments

a game about war? very on brand for me huh

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