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[REDACTED] • 2017 rpg

Thomas Deeny •

[REDACTED] is a Cold War espionage game. 

Each player has a dossier, initially with one page of a memo or a personnel file about their agent. 

To take an action, roll 1d6: 
Five or less and Control says what happened. 
Six, seven, or eight and the player says what happened, but Control may add a twist.
Nine or more and the player says what happened.

You can add dice by redacting words from your dossier. Redacting one phrase that applies to your current situation grants you an additional d6. Unrelated words grant you +1 per word.

Example: A sentence reads "Seth Taylor, 5' 3", was arrested on June 14, 1985, breaking into Masters Electronics on Fry Street." If there is a part of the game where it is beneficial to be small, redact the height, and now roll 2d6. Infiltrating a building? redact "breaking into" and "Fry Street" to roll three dice. Knock out a guard? Redact "1985" to gain +1 on the roll.

After the mission, write up a new sheet for your dossier. You can redact from the new sheet normally, but older sheets need one additional word redacted for each page further back in the dossier.

Author Comments

This is a game idea I had way way back in the age of livejournal after a discussion about permanently altering character sheets in play at (2007! Wow!)

[REDACTED] has been sitting untouched on my computer for years until I realized I could reformat it and tighten it up for this year’s 200 Word RPG challenge.

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